Voice 2 Voice Ltd Awarded G-Cloud 9 Status

G CloudVoice 2 Voice Ltd are delighted to announce the continuation from G-Cloud 8 to G-Cloud 9 supplier status with our services available on the Digital Marketplace from Monday 22nd May 2017.

Public Sector organisations now have quicker access to our highly resilient Cloud Services.

We have been successful with all Voice 2 Voice Ltd Services that were submitted for consideration as a Software as a Service.

This means that our Telephony Platforms and Connectivity Services will all be available on the Digital Marketplace.

G-Cloud 9 will have a renewed emphasis on suppliers’ security credentials, improving the buyer journey through granular service categorisation, and providing easy to understand terms and conditions. Voice 2 Voice Ltd expects these innovative changes to attract even more buyers than before, from a wider range of organisations within the public sector.

The combination of a range of solutions designed specifically for UK public sector requirements, together with exceptional compliance, service performance and support credentials, confirm Voice 2 Voice Ltd’s unique position supporting public sector digital transformation and its customers who deliver critical services to citizens.

G-Cloud is a Crown Commercial Services (CSS) initiative that provides an approved database of cloud-based IT Services for use by Public Sector organisations. Using the Digital Marketplace, Public Sector organisations can procure Cloud Based IT Services in a simpler and faster fashion.

For more information on Voice 2 Voice Ltd, our Service Offerings or G-Cloud 9 please visit our website or The Digital Marketplace.

About Voice 2 Voice Ltd

Voice 2 Voice Ltd Delivers Real Time Cost Reductions by Combing Voice Technologies and Delivering Voice to a Single Device of your Choice. Our dedication to our client service has gained us a well-established name in the telecommunication industry. This results in our continuous commitment to providing you with the highest standard of technical and sales expertise.

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