All you need from one supplier

We understand the need to be on top of your connectivity options. You need to make sure you’ve got the best broadband to keep your business running as well as voice services that make your operations run smoothly. We can make this even easier for you by having all the services you need in one place.

Reputable and reliable

Our solutions can be bundled together, meaning we can provide you with voice, data, cloud and much more. This makes it easier for you as we tailor-make our services to meet your needs. As we get our services from BT Wholesale, you can rest assured you’ll be receiving leading-class services that deliver results.

Flexible services

We can scale up or down our solutions to meet your needs, making our bundles easy to understand and use. Whether you want to add to your broadband and take the plunge towards next-generation technology or you’re looking to expand on your IT Services, we work closely with you to meet your business demands. We’ve bundled our products and services together to make sure you can benefit from affordable solutions that grow as your business does.

There’s a big need for improved communications in the workplace these days. A need for better communication across devices and locations. More importantly, for you, you need stress-free solutions that embrace converged communications, offer operability across a number of platforms and are affordable and easy to use. And that’s where we come in. We buy our services from BT Wholesale, meaning with their resilient network we can deliver ground-breaking services that can help improve your business. We have the best in broadband and unified communications which will offer you a range of benefits, such as:

Super speeds

Our connectivity solutions, such as fibre broadband, have ultra-fast connections which makes them a great solution for carrying heavy data. This makes it perfect for sharing large files, checking emails or using applications.

Cloud connections

With our cloud-based solutions and fast connectivity options you can gain access to files quickly and easily.

Fully flexible

We have flexible bandwidth options for you to choose from as well as the ability to choose how you use the cloud, whatever the challenge, we have the solution to tailor to your needs.

Whatever your issues are, we have a range of products and services that will meet them head on.

Continuing business success

Work can be demanding and we both know that many challenges arise in the workplace. It is essential that you can solve them quickly and efficiently and we have the solutions to make sure you can. We also make sure that your business can continue to thrive by utilising up-to-date technology and we’ll help  you evolve alongside the advancement of communications technologies. How? By providing you with solutions that make a difference. We buy our services from BT Wholesale, so you know that we’ll deliver ground-breaking services, over a resilient network and backed by a best-in-class supplier.

Wave goodbye to workplace issues

With our flexible cloud based and inbound solutions you will be able to keep your workers happy as you will have more control over issues such as flexible working.

Save money

Even if you only want to spend the bare minimum we have an impressive selection of cloud-based services that  are truly flexible. They can easily be scaled up or down to meet your business demands.

Champion the customer experience

Our inbound and hosted communications services offer a real-time focus on customer experience meaning you can measure it accordingly and successfully optimise it.

In order for us to do a true overview of your company’s communication requirements, we review an often missed but essential area of a company’s phone usage, which is the effective use of your lines.

Savings are gained here, either by removing unused or forgotten about lines, or through transferring your line rental to Voice 2 Voice Ltd.

As we are a recognized carrier in our own right this will enable us to transfer your lines into our care this will enable us to provide you with a consolidated one bill from Voice2Voice Ltd.

International Calls

We don’t offer a set rate for international calls; we determine what you pay by the country you dial, which means that we can save you even more money on your telephone bill. If you provide us with your most dialled countries we will analyse how much you are paying with your current supplier then provide you with our proposed costs.


Our billing engine is extremely robust and will deliver full itemization to enable you to identify all call costs. There are a variety of reports e.g. the longest calls, most frequently dialed calls and the most expensive calls etc.


It takes approximately ten days to do all the relevant work and Voice2Voice will keep you fully informed as to when the work has been completed. The changeover will be seamless and there will be no loss of service. We are committed to driving down cost and we will on a regular basis look to reduce cost whenever possible.

Voice 2 Voice Ltd will fully manage every aspect of the installation process from start to finish, including liaising with third party suppliers as required.

For more information, call us on 0845 241 8399.

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