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Save the worldStop using fax paper

Introduction to Fax to Email

Fax 2 Email is a state of the art fax service offered in partnership with various business partners to the corporate and SME market. Fax 2 Email offers a seamless operation with no software or hardware requirements. Unlike our competitors, Voice 2 Voice offer this solution at no charge.

Benefits & Cost Savings

Below is a White Paper to discuss the impact of fax machines on the UK Carbon Footprint. This is often enough for a business case to move to our Fax 2 Email Service. additional benefits and cost savings are as follows:

  • No software or hardware is required resulting in no lead-time for the installation of equipment.
  • Fax operates with existing email systems including Microsoft Exchange or Outlook.
  • Eliminates the media cost of incoming faxes. Save on paper & ink, do not print every fax, print only required faxes to your printer.
  • No expensive fax server system with the associated maintenance and support staff.
  • Generally better print quality when compared to a fax machine.
  • Utilises current investment in email, Internet infrastructure, systems and software.
  • Confirmation of fax delivery / non-delivery to sender’s email inbox
  • Received faxes can be re-directed to any email address worldwide.
  • Ability to receive faxes anywhere in the world where emails can be received.
  • Secure, reliable and redundant fax solution.
  • As faxes are already in digital format, document management is easily implemented without additional expense.
  • No capacity issues on fax numbers or servers.
  • We give free support to all our clients through our helpdesk.
  • All faxes are archived for a minimum of 5 years.

Email 2 Fax

Product Description

You can send faxes from your email inbox without having to print documents for faxing, by simply attaching the document that needs to be faxed to an email. The procedure is simple and convenient and requires NO additional software on your computer.

Reduced fax service additional costs

    • Telephone line rental
    • Fax machine purchase or rental
    • Fax machine maintenance
    • Consumables
    • – Ink
    • – Paper
    • – Toner, etc
    • Sender incurs lower transmission costs

The Fax solution is an enterprise-wide solution that is simple, yet robust. The solution is also highly scalable, and it is unrivalled for its cost effectiveness with no current or future expense necessary for the telecommunications network.

Voice 2 Voice Ltd is a leading provider of telecommunication value added services. Together with our carriers i.e. Global Crossing, China Telecom and Orange Telecoms to mention a few, we provide modern business communications solutions designed to streamline current methods of communication. Voice 2 Voice Ltd has been in existence since 2003 and is a highly profitable entity that is still growing earnings at a rapid rate.

Auto Sign-Up

Please use this link below to sign up for inbound services. If you would like to take advantage of the outbound service, please call us on 0845 241 8399.