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Voice 2 Voice Ltd Delivers Real Time Cost Reductions by Combing Voice Technologies and Delivering Voice to a Single Device of your Choice.

Expertise at your Fingertips

Our exacting standards and technical expertise have resulted in a number of Key International Partnerships. These include System Integrators, Software Integrators as well as Applications to Drive Business Communications to the next Level and Ultimately Reduce Costs.

Security and Business Continuity

Cloud Telephony addresses many security and business continuity issues. Toll fraud for example is now a major crime in the UK however with a hosted platform this risk is mitigated by a number of inbuilt safeguards. In addition by delivering Quality of Service (QoS) on the network you can reduce risks of poor call quality. Better yet is that should you need to instigate a Business Continuity plan cloud telephony can almost instantly be set up to divert to other sites or individual users.

Business Mobiles

Every business is different, and businesses have different needs for mobile staff. We offer a range of mobile fleet packages, or we can tailor a bespoke mobile fleet deal to fit your business needs perfectly.

Telephony for Schools

As education budgets tighten and the need to look at more cost-saving measures increases, schools and colleges around the United Kingdom are discovering one particularly successful way of saving money and improving the way in which they operate.

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